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Multiple Aliases of MailAccount

Dear Sirs,

It should be possible for a Netscape user to have one of three possible
usernames configured in his mail server
Cyrus' account name: p00032351
Personal Identifier: LEE
Original name: Joe Public
Joe Public's Netscape would be able to use "p00032351" or "LEE" or "Joe
Public" as the username to get mails
via POP or IMAP.
The "personal identifier" and "Cyrus' account name" are unique but it could
happen that a second Joe Public
exists. "Cyrus' account name" is
intended for those cases where a second "Joe Public" and another record
for "Bruce Lee" exists. If more than
one records are found an error
would have to result to prevent users accessing unintentionally a mailbox
of another user.

Receive request from Netscape - LDAP-request to retrieve account name -
submit account name and password received from Netscape to Cyrus-sasl.

Does anyone see a solution to this?

Thanks in advance

B. Hubatka

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