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pam_mkhomedir Problems on Solaris

I know that pam_mkhomedir is not distributed for Solaris, so I have
downloaded the Linux-PAM package to a Solaris 7 machine and successfully
compiled the pam_mkhomedir module.  Everything compiled and linked
properly, so I moved pam_mkhomedir.so to the system /lib/security
directory with all of the other modules, set the owner to root, and chmod
555'ed it.  I then added it as the first item (and made it required) in
the session section of /etc/pam.conf.  Then I tried to su to a user which
exists only in our LDAP server (authentication works like a charm on Linux
boxes, and the user's home directory is then created).  Instead of
becoming that user, I simply received the message "No directory!" and was
dumped back to my previous user session.  The home directory was not

If I create the directory manually, then it works like a charm.  The user
is accepted, and I'm placed in their proper home directory.  'getent
passwd' returns the full passwd information, including all of the LDAP

Any suggestions why pam_mkhomedir would fail to work in this scenario? 
I'm at my wits end, and this is past due.  :-p

Thanks in advance

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