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RH7.2 + PAM + Wu-FTP

  I've been trying for about two weeks to configure PAM & Wu-FTP to accept logins authenticating from our PDC.  I've tried about everything in the /etc/pam.d/ftp, but I still can't get it to work right. I've also *'d out the password in the /etc/shadow, that doesn't work either. This blows my mind :|. 
  In my current setup I have Samba running and works fine validating users to the PDC. The pam_smb.conf is setup up right & /etc/hosts has the correct PDC entries. I just can't get the Wu-FTP to work right.
  Questions I have: Do I need to edit anything besides the /etc/pam.d/ftp to get this working?; Do I need to run authconfig or edit the /etc/sysconfig/authconfig and set the USESMBAUTH to "yes"?. I just don't know what else to do.
  I think I've studied enough to start asking "lists", so any help would be greatly appreciated.. 
I'm running :
Redhat 7.2 (default install), 

/etc/pam.d/ftp ->
    auth       required     /lib/security/pam_listfile.so item=user sense=deny file=/etc/ftpusers onerr=succeed
    auth       required     /lib/security/pam_smb_auth.so debug
    auth       required     /lib/security/pam_shells.so
    account    required     /lib/security/pam_pwdb.so
    session    required     /lib/security/pam_pwdb.so



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