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Re: [Fwd: PAM Critical error, but no logging]

Igmar Palsenberg wrote:
> > My best guess here is that something is wrong with pam_cracklib.so on my
> > broken PAM machine.  Is pam_cracklib.so dependent on something else I
> > might be checking out?  Perhaps some general library or a configuration
> > file that shouldn't normally be seen or something?
> ldd /lib/security/pam_cracklib.so will tell you that, on this machine it
> has no config files.

I get libcrack.so.2.7 (256580630 29772), libnsl.so.1 (cksum 400538745
76032), libcrypt.so.1 (1486470670 20436),
libc.so.6 (1665334719 888064), libpam.so.0 (2406167731 27180),
ld-linux.so.2 (2635630399 85654), and libdl.so.2 (3072032339 9452).

which jibes with my working machine, so your anticipations below are
probably confirmed.

> I however suspect it is something else, corrupt binary, corrupt config,
> etc. Very hard to tell is my experience, sometimes strace can be helpfull.

That makes more sense to me too, but I don't think it could be the:


file, because I've got both working and non-working entries in it, so
that I
just comment out one, and uncomment another to make it work and stop
working.  Also, I just did a quick check, and all the whitespace on the
problem lines are space (ASCII 32) and there is no obvious trailing

I also did the strace, which I'll send in a separate message with an
inclusion as requested.  Thanks again for all your feedback, now and any
in future.

Sincerely, Xeno

Physically I'm at:  5101 N. 45th St., Tacoma, WA, 98407-3717, U.S.A.

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