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Answer to Debian Potato cracklib-runtime problem

My apologies, as this turned out to be a known bug.  What happens is you
can't get the *_dict.* files in Debian/Potato unless you've first got
something called "wordlist" installed, which may most easily be gotten
with the command:

apt-get install wenglish

Once I did that I was getting my wordlist, and thereby my cracklib
password setting functionality problem was fixed.  This is broken
apparently because there is not a necessary dependency defined in the
cracklib-runtime.deb dependency file.  I've not looked further into it,
but if I get the rest of my act together I may try to help do something
to fix this.  Thanks Igmar for you help.

Sincerely, Xeno
Physically I'm at:  5101 N. 45th St., Tacoma, WA, 98407-3717, U.S.A.

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