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Re: compiling shadow against libpam

On Tue, Jun 04, Tony den Haan wrote:

> hi,
> i'm still having trouble building shadow-4.0.3 against libpam. configure
> will simply bail out when detecting libpam_misc. this because libpam_misc
> in turn needs libpam. this can be "fixed" by patching the configure
> script, but i rather see a proper solution, which i suppose would be
> somewhere in configure.ac or something.  

In Linux-PAM, libpam_misc schould be linked against libpam. That is
a minor Linux-PAM bug which has no real effect in practice, because
everybody using libpam_misc also uses libpam.

But the shadow maintainer is also wrong. The configure script is to
detect special things like such bugs. He should apply the patch to
his configure script as correct workaround.


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