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Re: Groupmod

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Jefferson Cowart wrote:

> I have realized that my /etc/passwd and /etc/group files are a little
> bit of a mess in terms of uids and gids. As a result I'm trying to
> change uids and gids for many of the accounts. I am being careful to
> check config files and such to make sure that I don't break something as
> I do this. My major problem that I have run into is that groupmod
> doesn't change group ownership privileges on files/folders when I change
> the GID of a group. Usermod does change the ownership so I am able to
> adjust them without much worry. Is there any way to make it so group mod
> will change the ownership when I change a group gid? Failing that is
> there a way I can search for all files on my system owned by a certain
> group. If I can get that I can just pipe that back into something to
> chmod them all. TIA

use the find command, which has a -gid search criteria, as in

# find / -gid 42 -exec chgrp new-group-name {} \;

or the -group criteria can be used if you want to search by group 

  but you're already noticed what's going to take some work --
the fact that groupmod does not affect existing files.  it's
*your* job to clean all those up.


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