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Re: OpenSSH gives a pam NULL in the secure logs

The Illegal user comes from openssh not finding the user in the local
file database (/etc/passwd). 

To see what is going on with openssh, you should stop sshd and run it on
the command line as root with 'sshd -ddd' and then try to connect that
way. You will be able to see what sshd is trying to do on the server

Don't worry about the first try by sshd to authenticate, it is always
none and will fail (it should from what I remember).


On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 18:20, Alan Womack wrote:
> I've been fighting a authentication issue with a user I added that can log in at the console but not over ssh.
> To diagnose the problem I removed all authentication from Redhat 7.2 to be done by
> pam_permit.so
> If I try to log in with ssh I get an illegal user error in the /var/log/secure log and a notice that a null pointer was returned to pam.
> I found a couple of messages via google that mentioned a SSH bug, but their circumstances to create it are quite different than mine.  Will try to upgrade ssh this evening, but does anyone else know where a NULL or Illegal User can come from?
> Alan
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