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Pam_mount module

Quite some time ago Elvis Pfützenreuter requested the
inclusion of his pam_mount into the mainstream PAM distribution
Much more recently, I came across his PAM module and a patch by Mukesh
Agrawal which allows local encrypted volumes to be mounted at login
time -- encrypted home directories.  

This partially solves the problem of "Security against theft of
Linux machines" listed in the International Kernel Patch TODO at

Has any more consideration gone into including pam_mount in the mainstream
PAM distribution?  I think that the additional capabilities provided by
pam_mount are very nice and have been using it for about a month.

I have not been able to get a hold of Elvis Pfützenreuter to submit
my pam_mount changes, so the most current pam_mount should be mine,
available at http://www.flyn.org.  I can't find any record of Elvis
beyond around 2000 and none of his email addresses work.  I am willing
to maintain pam_mount if necessary.



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