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md5 passwds not working (suse 7.3)

I'm running 1.1.15 on a suse 7.3 box.  Everything seems OK except
authentication via ipp://localhost/admin.

I've verified that /etc/pam.d/cups has the same modules/options as
other, working utils.  Adding debug to the auth lines shows:

    PAM-unix2[620]: pam_sm_authenticate() called
    PAM-unix2[620]: username=[root]
    PAM-unix2[620]: wrong password, return PAM_AUTH_ERR

where as something like su(8) gives:

    PAM-unix2[7673]: pam_sm_authenticate() called
    PAM-unix2[7673]: username=[root]
    PAM-unix2[7673]: pam_sm_authenticate: PAM_SUCCESS

for an identical pam.d file.

I've tried both long and short passwds.

Authentication does work with crypt passwds, however.  It is only md5
passwds that fail.

I don't see what is different in scheduler/auth.c as compared to other
pam-aware apps.

Any ideas?


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