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Probably a newbie's question

Hi all,

I've been playing around with PAM for a while and now I am trying to do some coding just for fun.

My idea is to create a program to change shadow passwords. I changed the check_user example which comes with PAM's source to do this but it seems that using pam_unix module you are always  prompted to enter the old password and to type the new password twice.

Is there any way to change the password of a user without being prompted through the console? (I guess it's possible, graphical logins under Gnome or KDE do this, don they?). Maybe using a different PAM module such as pam_pwdb? (I've just found a broken link to this module at Linux-PAM website) Do I need to write my own module? 

Sorry if this question has been asked many times, it's hard to search at the mailing list's archive and I haven't found anything on this in the online documentation.

Thanks in advance,
Fernando Orus

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