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NSS question ...

Hello all,

    this might be a little-bit off-topic, but I guess one can say that NSS is very closely
linked to PAM anyway.

    For some project in my company we need to allow users
to login (to a custom shell) on our Solaris system. The problem
is that some of these users are not known in a unix domain at all,
so do not have a uid/gid/shell/homedir.
    The idea is to have a way to allow the standard unix programs
like telnet/login etc. keep on doing their job but modify getpwnam to
map non-unix users onto one dedicated (and of course restricted)

    The best way to do this seems to be writing a custom NSS module
which will take care of this by filling in the struct passwd accordingly.
(but other ideas are more then welcome).

    The real question I have right now is where I can find documentation
on how to implement this for Solaris (or Linux for that matter)?
I have browsed the net for a couple of days already but am unable to find
any documentation about such a NSS shared library
(I did find the nss_ldap from PADL, but reverse engineering the api from
this source seems pretty cumbersome to say the least ...)

Hoping to hear from you soon,

Ron Geens

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