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Re: NSS question ...

On Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 09:17:58AM +0100, ronald.geens@alcatel.be wrote:
>     The real question I have right now is where I can find documentation
> on how to implement this for Solaris (or Linux for that matter)?
> I have browsed the net for a couple of days already but am unable to find
> any documentation about such a NSS shared library
> (I did find the nss_ldap from PADL, but reverse engineering the api from
> this source seems pretty cumbersome to say the least ...)

On a glibc-based system (like most, if not all, Linux distributions
are), the glibc info pages contain most of what you need in the "NSS
Modules Interface" section.  You may also find the source to the
nss_hesiod module from glibc useful -- the nss_files module uses a lot
of preprocessor magic, and isn't as easy to read.

For Solaris, you generally have to pick apart the /usr/include/nss_*
files.  It's not the most readable documentation, but it does have all
of the basics down (my memory's kind of hazy, but for Solaris you need
to export an initializer function which hands the caller back an array
populated with pointers to your functions).

BTW, if you find anything more comprehensive about the interface Solaris
expects modules to provide, I'd appreciate a heads-up, because I have
some experimental code for Linux that I'd like to get working on Solaris
as well.



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