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RE: How do I disable PAM?

> I don't know whether the above will help me. My situation is:
> I have a Apache2 configuration which does htaccess based authentication to
> give read/write 
> access to a particular directory. Even if the user enters correct
> userid/passwd combination, the 
> access  to a directory is being denied.

I don't now Apache, but the above can be caused by Apache not having 
access to /etc/shadow. 

Using your /etc/passwd for Apache authenticating is a big risk, there is 
no protection for password guessers and that kind of stuff.

> I believe this is because my system
> uses PAM for user 
> authentication.

Tell apache nog to use PAM. Applications decide if they want to use PAM, 
not PAM.

> To fix this, I suppose I need to compile Apache with
> mod_auth_pam ( I am not
> sure whether the current mod_auth_pam will work on Apache2) 
> I don't want to go through all this because I am just building a demo system
> and I want 
> to keep everything simple.


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