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Remote Console Login


I am having some extreme difficulty setting up RedHat V7.2 to accept a
remote console login that behaves identically to a local console login.

If I login to my machine remotely (via ssh) and then run startx on :0.0
(the local display), I cannot set run aumix (it returns with errors
stating that it cannot access the audio device).

HOWEVER, if I login locally and then run startx on :0.0 and THEN logout,
I can immediately login remotely (via the same account that I just
performed the local login with), run startx on :0.0 and access aumix of
the machine that I am logged into.  However, after some period of time,
aumix (and the audio device) become inaccessible to me.

Can one of you smart people please tell me how I can setup RedHat so
that I can remotely login to a machine and obtain a remote console login
that is identical to the standard RedHat local console login?

Any assistance with this matter would be GREATLY appreciated!

Take care,


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