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RE: Remote Console Login


That should not be the problem, since I my application is playing audio
to the machine that it is running on, not forwarding it to another

Also, since my application works fine when I login one the physical
console of the machine, as any user, and when I login remotely as root,
I do suspect that this problem is PAM related.  However, I cannot seem
to find a solution to this problem, other than to login in remotely as
root, which is something that I was hoping not to have to do...

Take care,


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On Fri, 2002-03-29 at 06:52, Darwin Airola wrote:

> Thus, I am quite certain that I need to make
> some other changes to my PAM configuration before I will be able to
> access the audio device on that machine, especially since I can access
> the audio device if I log into the machine via a local console

Unless there is a pam_limits or other session module restriction on 
the audio, I think your problem is an X forwarding problem and has 
nothing to do with PAM.

Jenn V.
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