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Re: sufficient account management checking for locally definedusers

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu> writes:
>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Schwenke <martin@meltin.net> writes:

    Sam> And here's where I think is the fundamentall disagreement we
    Sam> have.  I'd rather see minimum code duplication and PAM
    Sam> modules that do one job well rather than having too much
    Sam> functionality added.  Since the function of standard unix
    Sam> checks and checking for local users can be cleanly split,
    Sam> they should be split into two modules.  I believe it is
    Sam> simpler code flow, easier to debug and more flexible.

I think you're advocating easy of development over the sysadmin's
right to decide and implement policy.  Policy should be in the hands
of the sysadmin.

    Sam> P.S.  You're doomed on the whole not dependening on network
    Sam> front if nss_ldap appears anywhere in your group nsswitch
    Sam> configuration.

    Martin> [...]  The only LDAP traffic I see when I try to login as
    Martin> root looks to be generated by pam_unix!  :-(

    Sam> The problem happens with the initgroups call.  I need to
    Sam> enumerate the list of all groups in order to determine what
    Sam> suplimental groups you are in.  The NSS interface in libc
    Sam> simply isn't well thought out enough to allow for anything
    Sam> else.


As a nice coincidence one of the guys was just trying to login on the
*console* of a machine.  That machine only has pam_ldap configured for
SSH.  The only relevant thing in the configuration for login is
pam_unix.  The login took 30 seconds while LDAP timed out.

Anton could have saved the world in that 30 seconds!  He could have
compiled 4 Linux kernels!  :-)

Now if only I had a local files module or I could set an option to
tell pam_unix to only look in local files...

peace & happiness,

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