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Re: openssh + pam authentication failing +md5 (?!) HELP HELP HELP !

On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 02:12:51AM -0700, light storm wrote:
> This is the first time i really needed to seek the help of some one
> who has alot more expertise on this subject since i have almost no
> hair left on my head which i didn't pull out ;-) 

> I have installed: openssh 3.1 , openssl 0.9.6a and i use PAM , most
> things work perfect, till i wanted to use pam for ssh, i enable also
> pam support for openssh, also enable md5 passwords support for openssh
> , added the correct information to the pam file (/etc/pam.d/sshd) like
> 'md5' , but when i try to login from various servers to that server
> then shortly said i get "PAM authentication failed, permission denied
> ... " . that is the problem hehe

> Paste:

> Failed password for testuser from port 34440 ssh2 
> debug1: userauth-request for user testuser service ssh-connection method 
> password 
> debug1: attempt 3 failures 3 
> debug2: input_userauth_request: try method password 
> debug1: PAM Password authentication for "testuser" failed[7]: 
> Authentication failure 
> ...     

> my sshd_config, ssh_config are all correctly configured, beside the
> above passwd/login are also using PAM, no problem

> i did a test, i created with another tool a password for testuser, not
> md5, all of a sudden ssh worked (!??) , but when i change the pass
> with passwd (it then gets to be a md5) ssh refuses :((( ..

> IMHO something goes wrong when the md5 password is read by PAM and
> that causes openssh to say permission denied ... but guys, what in
> godsname goes wrong or what did i do wrong ? 

> PS: the generic pam sshd file is what i use, added the md5 to it.

Please post the full contents of the exact PAM configuration you're
using for sshd.  There are many different 'default' configurations in
existence, and it's impossible to diagnose this error without knowing
what your particular configuration looks like.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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