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Seeking opinion about pam module


Please I'd like to get your opinion about a very simple idea
for a PAM module.

In some cases, an administrator could need some particular
and simple authentication scheme. This would need him to write
a new pam module, but I think the admin would prefer just to
write/modify some sort of script for the same thing. A module
(pam_run, for give a name) would just run the script and return
PAM_SUCCESS or PAM_ERR upon the script's return value. The
pathname of the script would be the first argument for the module
in the configuration file.

I just wrote an implementation for this (I've taked the confidence
to send it to you, sorry.) Because of the simplicity of the
whole thing, I'm not sure if there is some PAM module to do the
same (I couldn't find.) I've compiled it in Red Hat 7.1 (from
the pam-0.74's source tree.)

Thank you, and my apologies if I'm redundant.

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