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Re: openssh + pam authentication failing +md5 (?!) HELP HELP HELP!

> Hello all,
> Seems that the redhat guys don't give a shit about PAM problems despite that half of them is developing for PAM. They don't even respond on mail which was send more than 2 weeks ago. And from all the so called experts around only one person tried to help me, the rest are just wasting space on this list. Thought that Redhat cared about technical problems with their software in combination with PAM.
> Bunch of lamers, i'll fucking solve it myself some day, but for the rest i have no good word for this shit. Well i'm curious if other companies will continue with Redhat software if this is the way they 'try' to help ppl.
> bad greetings,
> Frank.

you were lucky the "subject:.*HELP HELP HELP" got past the filters in the
first place. somehow it managed to sneak past mine....


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