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Re: Re: (no subject)

Hi Steve
Thanks for the email

But steve according to my knowledge kerberos needs a clock synchronization i mean we need to install the clock synchronization software in the machine which we use to connect....

Now the remote user may log in thru diff computer / network ..and then for syschronization he needs to have that s/w installed

Is it true?

My goal is to allow people work on my code by logging in to my system and checking out code using cvs connecting using SSH and i need a authorization right???

please let me know
I Appreciate your help
Thanks once again

On Wed, 29 May 2002 Steve Langasek wrote :
On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 02:35:20PM -0000, Rohan Bairat wrote:
> Hi Friends,
> I am new to these technologies and i want to study about PAM in
> detail .....

> I want to allow remote users to connect to my machine for FTP
> CVS--using SSH and mail...

> Can any one please suggest me good document to read ....which has
> information about PAM stuff and how to configure it for above
> mentioned services....

> Is kerberos a better authentication technique??????

Kerberos and PAM address two different aspects of system security.
PAM's goal is to provide a flexible system, with Kerberos as just one of
the available authentication backends; Kerberos seeks security an single
sign-on capabilities with a unified system. PAM excels at providing
support for local applications that need to authenticate users, whereas
I prefer Kerberos for client-server applications. Since it sounds like
you're concerned mostly with network services, I recommend Kerberos as a
better fit for your applications.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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