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RE: Additional input (second password) during login

I implemented it yesterday, but I have problems storing the first part
of the password for rest of the modules to see. I using the code.

	retval = pam_get_item(pamh, PAM_AUTHTOK, (const void
	if (retval != PAM_SUCCESS)
		_pam_log(LOG_ERR, "Could not retrive user's password");
		return -2;
    password2 = strdup(password);
    password3 = strchr(password2,':');
	if (!password3)
		_pam_log(LOG_ERR, "Could not retrive user's password (no
secureid part found)");
		return -2;

    *password3++ = 0;

	retval = user_lookup(username, password3);

	if retval != 0)
		_pam_log(LOG_ERR, "Could not verify user");
		return -2;

	/* Otherwise, the authentication looked good */

	_pam_log(LOG_NOTICE, "user '%s' granted acces from host %s
(%s)(%s)", username,rhost,password2,password3?password3:"-");
      retval = pam_set_item(pamh,PAM_AUTHTOK,password2);
      if (retval != PAM_SUCCESS)
         _pam_log(LOG_ERR, "Could not set password %1",retval);
         return -2;
	return PAM_SUCCESS;

Even though the set_item returns OK set password is not set. 
When I read AUTHTOK in the next module its still the original twopart

Any ideas ?

Claus Bruun

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Hi Lucas,

> I figured this out already. But as I understand PAM puts the 
> credentials in a store for all modules to read from. Where should I do

> the input of the second password - in my own module ?

if you think about local authentication (instead of ssh/sshd) you would
use the communication function to provide a second password prompt to
the user and get his response. I did this some time ago for an AFS
authentication module.

> I considered something like
> 1. inputting the combined password <normalpw><onetimepw> to the login 
> promt 2. let my onetime password routing kick in first and if remote 
> is on an external net verifying <onetimepw>.
>    If ok modify the stored pw by stripping of the onetime part
> 3. let the normal auth verify the rest.

That should work. A problem might be a length restriction on the
password in the communication between ssh and sshd. I don't know what a
safe length would be.


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