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LSB PAM Testsuite/questions about behavior


The LSB wrote a test suite for PAM. After looking at the results,
I have some questions about the PAM specification, where I couldn't
find anything:

1. The PAM specefication describes the PAM_MAXTRIES error code, but
not when it should be used. Does a module needs to return PAM_MAXTRIES
at some time?

2. If I call pam_authenticate with a unknown user, should the Module
As far as I understand the documentation, PAM_AUTHINFO_UNAVAIL should
be returned if there are network or hardware problems, but not if the
user is unknown to the system.

3. Calling pam_chauthtok and the users enters the correct old
password, but aborts on typing the new one, should a PAM module
return PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVER_ERR (I think this is wrong, since we
got the old token) or PAM_AUTHTOK_ERR?

I would be great if some people could tell me their opinium about

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