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Re: How to set home directories/shells?

On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 10:58:20AM +1000, Andy Gayton wrote:
> I was hoping to use pam to set up a second password file and to change the 
> sshd and checkpassword-pam (for bincimap) authentication configs to 
> something like:
> * authenticate with control-flag sufficient off the second less secure 
> password file - if authenticate is ok hardcode the shell so it can only 
> ever possibly be /usr/local/sbin/scponlyc and the home directory so it can 
> only possibly be /wwwusers/<username>//incoming - the '//' part will cause 
> scponly to chroot the user to /wwwusers/<username>
> * authenticate with control-flag required - use the usual sshd and 
> checkpassword-pam configs which work off the system passwd files ..

Or how about:

auth sufficient pam_pwdb.so
auth required pam_chroot.so chroot_dir=/wwwusers
auth required pam_pwdfile.so pwdfile /etc/whatever

Note that the file which pam_pwdfile.so would actually be accessing is
/wwwusers/etc/whatever and also that unless pam_pwdb.so caches, you
should be able to just use a second call to pam_pwdb.so instead of
pam_pwdfile.so if you use /etc/passwd instead of /etc/whatever

By using a chroot() earlier (during auth) rather than later (during
session,) you can trick all your daemons into thinking they're reading
the standard passwd file.  This is still pretty scary, though, since a
compromised httpd user could still put an entry in the secondary passwd
file for a uid 0 user, and once you're root you can break out of the
chroot pretty easily.

If I were you, I would NOT allow httpd to modify a file that gives
authentication information to root-owned processes (such as sshd.)
Instead, put that functionality into a daemon that reads from a command
file (written to by the httpd processes) and does sanity checking.  As a
bonus, you get to completely eliminate that secondary passwd file by
doing it this way.

Ed Schmollinger - schmolli frozencrow org

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