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Re: Problems with open ldap and pam on RHL 8.0

Hi Luis,

Could you perhaps send us the contents of your /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/ldap.conf
files? And, if it contains anything interesting, a recent excerpt from your /var/log/secure?
It might help!


Luis Martinez Martinez wrote:

El Dom 12 Ene 2003 21:07, Nalin Dahyabhai escribió:

It is the latter, I have nss_ldap enabled (hope) as the rpm is
installed. Also I have enabled ldap auth with authconfig, but
something should not be OK

The nss_ldap package doesn't enable use of nss_ldap automatically when
it's installed -- you'll still need to enable it using authconfig or by
editing /etc/nsswitch.conf directly.

As I said before I have enabled nss_ldap with authconfig but still the thing does not work and I dont know how to overcome the problem.

Please, Help!


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