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Re: Configuring PAM & Winbind

On Monday 13 January 2003 18:30, Andrew Butler wrote:
> Hello,
> I have configured SAMBA & Winbind in RH 8.0. Winbind is running fine (e.g.
> wbinfo -u & getent passwd return the correct results from the NT PDC).
> I am trying to configure PAM to correctly authenticate the NT users locally
> on the Linux machine. I am almost there as the System Log tells me that the
> NT User has been granted access but then reports on the next line that:
> "login (pam_unix) [XXXX]: Could not identify user (from getpwnam
> (abc+linux))" followed by "User not known to the underlying authentication
> module".

One problem I had was the use of uppercase letters in the user names.
E.g. the user Linux and linux behave differently under PAM and winbindd.
So try to rename your user to lowercase only, for the Windows machines
it shouldn't change anything, but it was necessary for me to let PAM work.

- Joerg

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