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Kerberos telnet and PAM

Firstly my apologies for asking this here, I know this isn't a PAM problem as 
such, but I figured that someone on the list may have an answer.

Once I have logged into a workstation using pam_krb5, pam_ldap (and nss_ldap) 
and a few other PAM modules I want to be able to logon to other servers using 
Kerberos with the credentials gained at login time.  This I can do using the 
telnetd that comes with MIT Kerberos on the servers, but this daemon and/or 
the login.krb5 program that it calls, do not support PAM (well the versions 
for Red Hat 7.3 don't).

My question is then does anyone on the list know of a preferably MIT 
Kerberised telnetd that also supports at least looking at PAM account and 
session management?

I specifcally want to use pam_ldap and the hosts attribute to control which 
servers users are allowed to access and use the mkhomedir module to generate 
home directories as required.



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