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RE: Win2000 PDC Authentication and Authorization

> From: Mike Renfro

> Disadvantages of pam_smb:
> * Have to create dummy accounts for authorized users on each system. I
>   think there's a way around that, too, but like I said before, we don't
>   want every domain user to have Unix access.
> * Tied into the previous disadvantage, dual-boot systems are
>   difficult. If we add a user onto each system to use pam_smb, that
>   system has to be in Unix 100% of the time. Winbind avoids this
>   problem.
> Personally, I've got some sort of Active Directory/LDAP idea on the
> horizon, since our central IT bunch is rolling out their first AD
> tree. Hopefully it's close enough to regular LDAP to make the Unix
> boxes happy.

I think MKS has an add-in for Active Directory to make it work with
unix.   Does anyone know if it is possible to use pam_smb for password
checking but LDAP for account information instead of needing the
local password file?  That would suit my needs nicely for a few
boxes with limited users (using password file accounts only) and many
boxes that allow all users, with passwords the same everywhere.

  Les Mikesell

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