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RE: Win2000 PDC Authentication and Authorization


We've implemented this using RADIUS (pam module from GNU radius from
memory). A few advantages, you can manage authentication separately with IAS
policies (IAS comes with RADIUS on 2000), you do not have to worry about
2000 domain only mode if you are using it (we are), you only need to open
the RADIUS port in one direction using state based firewalls (from memory
for windows authentication to work you needed a couple UDP and a couple of
TCP ports in both directions), we've found it simply to administer and
depending on settings can get good logging information on the 2000 box.

May be worth looking at as an option.



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> On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Whitmore Matthew E NPRI wrote:
> > New to using PAM.  Read and understand using openLDAP for
> authentication and authorization.  Win2000/XP's Active Directory
> is Microsoft's implementation of LDAP.  Is there a way to use a
> Win2000 Server PDC to authenticate and authorize on RH Linux
> (planning upgrade to RH 8.0).  Would appreciate any help.
> >
> i think you'd better look at pam_smb instead, even though pam_ldap might
> work.
> either way: yes, RH supports PAM, so the question is: "is there a PAM
> module that can authenticat against winXX"
> tony
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