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RE: Restrict Login to su

Use pam_access.so for that purpose. I just did it recently for the same reason.

Go into each pam conf file (like sshd) that you want to protect and add a line like so:

account	required	/lib/security/pam_access.so

Then edit or create a access.conf file for it to use.. On Redhat systems it's already there in /etc/security/access.conf with commentary in the file.

Add a line in access.conf that reads like:

-:oracle root:ALL

One thing to watch out for, is if the name of the user is the same as a group name, then you need to further clarify it something like

-:psoft localhost root:ALL

Otherwise it'll block all users that belong to that group.


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Yes another newbie - but I do need help - I need to have a user login restricted access to su.  User "jonb" logs in and then su's to the restricted user "drafter". But user "drafter" can not login directly from any source.


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