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Remember passwd option for pam_ldap module


I have done a little work on the pam_ldap-161 code base to enable remember passwd option. Its actually something that I borrowed from the pam_unix module code and implemented in pam_ldap.

I hope somebody find it useful. This is my first such submission to a public list so any feedback that you give me will help me go a long way.

I am attaching the diff.gz between my copy of pam_ldap.c and the orignal pam_ldap.c which comes along with pam_ldap-161.

Awaiting comments.

with regards,


Nimit Gupta, Software Developer, DeepRoot Linux, Bangalore, India
       +91 (80) 8565624  http://www.deeproot.co.in

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Attachment: pam_ldap-161_diff.gz
Description: Unix tar archive

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