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Re: Remember passwd option for pam_ldap module

On Fri, Jul 11, Nimit Gupta wrote:

> Hello,
> I have done a little work on the pam_ldap-161 code base to enable 
> remember passwd option. Its actually something that I borrowed from the 
> pam_unix module code and implemented in pam_ldap.
> I hope somebody find it useful. This is my first such submission to a 
> public list so any feedback that you give me will help me go a long way.

I don't think that it is very usefull to implement this for every
PAM module again. I wrote a pam_pwcheck module some time ago which
makes a lot of checkings and could be stacked with pam_unix, pam_ldap
and whatever else exists, it has also the remember option implemented.

This makes it much easier if a bug is found: only one module needs to
be fixed, not XY one.


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