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Re: Pam_mkhomedir

Although, one could probably hack pam_mkhomedir to send a message to a 
UNIX socket, where the other end of the socket is a daemon, running as 
root, which queues requests for making home directories.  After the 
proper checks have been performed, the daemon creates the home 
directory for the user and -- voila.  It would only take a second (if 
that) to process the request.  You'd have to be really security-conscious
with regard to the implementation, but it could be done without too much work.


On 22 Jul 2003, Troels Liebe Bentsen wrote:

|> Nope, not without fixing allot of programs that one could say implement
|> pam wrong. The problem is the some pam programs like openssh and new
|> version of su on Linux drop privileges to early.
|> Regards Troels. 
|> On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 15:24, Gilles Cordier wrote:
|> > Hi all,
|> >  
|> > I have a big problems with mkhomeddir module.
|> > I must set write rigth to the home directory to make pam_mkhomedir
|> > working.
|> > Is there a way to avoid this??
|> >  
|> > Thanks
|> >  
|> > Gilles
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