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Re: it didn´t solve it

On Fri, 5 Sep 2003, joão garcia wrote:

> >I do not think so because all my passwords are in the /etc/passwd and the 
> >user that cannot be authenticated is there too:
> my_user:x:504:504::/home/my_user:/bin/bash

That user's password is not in the /etc/passwd file. Check to see whether 
you have an /etc/shadow file and a corresponding entry in it.

If you have shadow passwords and you must enable PAM authentication in 
Apache then you have two choices:

Setup a separate password database for apache and configure PAM to use it 
for that service

or make the /etc/passwd file readable by a group with the apache user in 
the group. 

If the latter is your only choice ensure that the apache process is 
running under a separate user to other apache processes so that other 
scripts, etc cannot gain access to the file.

Jason Clifford
UKFSN.ORG		Finance Free Software while you surf the 'net
http://www.ukfsn.org/		ADSL Broadband available now

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