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Re: can't authenticate in apache using PAM

On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 15:57, Jason Clifford wrote:

> Assuming that you have not set up PAM with a separate config file per 
> service (why not?!) and this is the one being used for httpd, your problem 
> is that apache will fail to satisfy the session module requirement.
> Your PAM config for apache should only include account and auth entries.
> This really should be in the README for the mod_auth_pam apache module as 
> everyone seems to get bitten by it.

Is it possible to set up mod_auth_pam in combination with pam_smb so
that web users don't need local accounts at all?  I have one machine
where everyone does have an account and authentication works using
the password from the NT domain controller.   I'd like to make
web authentication work on other machines without having to maintain
the unix account info or allow logins for most of the users but
apache seems to require the account entry.

   Les Mikesell
    les futuresource com

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