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Re: can't authenticate in apache using PAM

>From: "Jason Clifford" <jason ukpost com>

> > I have one machine
> > where everyone does have an account and authentication works using
> > the password from the NT domain controller.   I'd like to make
> > web authentication work on other machines without having to maintain
> > the unix account info or allow logins for most of the users but
> > apache seems to require the account entry.
> Apache only requires an account because you have configured it to. I don't 
> have the source to hand but I seem to remember that mod_auth_pam is very 
> minimal in it's actual requirements of PAM.
> If you set account to use the pam_permit module it will be happy.

Thanks, that works.   And I'm embarrassed to note that I asked the same
question a few months ago and overlooked getting the same correct answer

   Les Mikesell
     les futuresource com

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