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pam and ldap

I've been trying to switch servers from using system accounts to use
LDAP for authentication, which I can successfully do, but the problem is
it seems to be an all or nothing type of switch.

Well here's what I want to do, but I am not sure how to do it.

On one particular server I want to only allow login by people in the
group "allow_login", but also allow authenticated relay on this machine
to anybody in the ldap tree.  The problem is though, if I limit by group
only people in that group can log in and relay; and if I include
everybody in that group, then everybody can login and relay

Is there a a way I can tell the smtp pam.d entry to use separate rules
then the system-auth?

Any other suggestions if pam cannot do this yet?

Kevin Reck
Information Systems
University of Wisconsin - Extension
kevin reck uwex edu
(608) 262-2057

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