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Re: PAM on FreeBSD 5.1

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Joe Lewis wrote:

> and I had it set up on FreeBSD 4.6.2, but I am having some major issues
> with FreeBSD 5.1 (RELEASE).  Here's the problem :
> I built the pam_mysql module, and installed it, using the port.  Now,

I also looked at your freebsd-questions posting. In it you said "I
installed PAM on my 5.1R version of FreeBSD."

If I understood this all correctly, you are attempting to use Linux-PAM on
FreeBSD. Which should be fine. Linux-PAM is cross-platform and is
available for NetBSD too.

Please note that FreeBSD comes with its own BSD-licensed implementation of
PAM, called OpenPAM. It is similar, but it is different code and has
some differences.

It is possible you overwrote the native PAM.

Also, you installed the pam_mysql.so from the port -- I'd assume that this
pam-mysql as available from the FreeBSD ports hierarchy was configured and
built to work for a native FreeBSD PAM.

Try not to mix and match PAM -- maybe reinstall the native FreeBSD

Or if you insist on using Linux-PAM on FreeBSD, try to build the pam_mysql
(sourceforge project) from source, be sure to build using Linux-PAM
headers and libraries instead of the native provided OpenPAM versions.

Good luck. And please let me know ...

   Jeremy C. Reed

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