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Re: AW: Pam configuration files

Debian-User wrote:
Hi guys,

concerning the "Pam configuration files" issue, I would like to ask if
there is a way to tell ssh (via different config-files) to use different
authentication methods (ie to use a special pam_service-name)


The pam service used by sshd is derived from argv[0] as passed to the
sshd startup command.

You should be able to do this:

    cd /usr/sbin
    ln sshd gatewaysshd
    cd /etc/sshd
    cp sshd_config gatewaysshd_config
Then edit the first to only listen to an address only accessible from
the inside and edit the second to listen to an address accessible from
the outside (you need two IP addresses, by the way).  The second
should be more restrictive.

    Then make a copy of the rc script and doctor it to
    invoke the new sshd as:
        /usr/sbin/gatewaysshd -f /etc/ssh/gatewaysshd_config

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