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Re: Future development of Linux-PAM and distribution patches

I have been unable to work on PAM in a very long time.

I've made several attempts one-on-one to get others to take on the task of managing the repository. None of these efforts have been successful.

Thorsten, I have made you an Admin with at least the same privilege as me. I say go for it!



Thorsten Kukuk wrote:

There was nearly no Linux-PAM development in the past and every distributor ships a very huge number of patches. This becomes more
and more a nightmare to maintain.

Andrew, do you have any plans for the near future with Linux-PAM?

Else I would suggest that the distribution maintainers should try
to merge all the usefull patches into CVS, so that we have at least
again a common code base. Some of us have CVS write access, so this
should be possible.

Other ideas how to procede?


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