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Re: saslauthd+pam+cyrus [2]

[sigh] - it should be fine.  Your module is supposed to be contacting an internal radius server.  Everything looks OK in it.  About the only thing I can suggest is to debug the module itself.   My standard technique (which is not really good practice) is to take the source code and place log lines through out the code stating where we are, then recompile and reinstall it.  All you have to do at that point is run it, and watch for the last line to be printed.  This tells you which section of code (between log lines) is the problem.  You can further narrow that down to individual lines, until you know exactly what is happening.

Try it and let us know what is happening.


Fatemeh Taj wrote:
Dear Joe, 
I forgot to attach the /etc/raddb/server file. 


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