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Re: [FC2] pam_ldap and root user

damiano albani univ-lr fr wrote:
Quoting Lionel LENOBLE <lenoble cip dauphine fr>:

And are you sure that *no* LDAP requests are sent on the network when you log in
as root ? (by sniffing with Ethereal for example)

i also believe that this is a bit blue-eyed.
if you have set up both pam and nss to use ldap (which i have, because i want my users not only to be able to authorize but also to keep their permissions when working with files - eg "ls -l" should work) then pam_unix will send ldap-requests (because of nss);

i can completely remove all traces of pam_ldap in my pam.d-config and still authenticate against ldap;
in fact, i only really need pam_ldap to change passwords.
this means, that as long as nss/pam_unix is so full-featured ("eierlegende wollmilchsau" as we say in german) it is somehow contradictory to the pam-idea.

either this solution is really "stupid" or i have missed some important point

mfg.a.sdr IOhannes

IEM - network operation center
mailto:noc iem at

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