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Apache mod_auth_pam patch to allow non local users to auth


Attached is a patch to mod_auth_pam.1.1.1 for apache 1.3.X to optionally allow users who are not in the local password file to be authenticated.  The default behavior is the same as the current version, however if AuthPAM_NoLocalUser is set to ON, it bypasses the local getpwent check and attempts to just use the username as passed in by apache.

This is useful for when you want to allow groups, or other valid user lists, and are using a remote authentication mechanism (like kerberos, ldap or securid) but do not wish to add real local accounts.  This option has the side affect that if all you require is "valid-user" then anyone who can authenticate via PAM by any means has access (which may not be what you desire).

Attachment: mod_auth_pam.diffs
Description: mod_auth_pam.diffs

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