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Re: SuSE & PAM & Kerberos?

Jason Gerfen wrote:
> Per the Linux-PAM Administrators guide:
> Introduction-
> ....
> This PAM library is configured locally with a system file,
> |/etc/pam.conf| (or a series of configuration files located in
> |/etc/pam.d/|) to authenticate a user request via the locally
Are you certain which one of these is actually used on SuSE?

I seem to recall a really strange setup at one point which used *both*.

>  using YaST2 I configure
> the kerberos client and it loggs in just fine.  I re-edit the
> /etc/rc.d/login file to remove references to pam_krb5.so and log back
I think you meant /etc/pam.d.  <g>

> My question is this, where is SuSE hiding the PAM module
> configuration?

To find out, back up your entire /etc (say to /root/etc) and use YaST to
make a change to the PAM configuration.  Run diff -uNr /etc /root/etc
and see what changed.

"Sendmail administration is not black magic.  There are legitimate
technical reasons why it requires the sacrificing of a live chicken."
   - Unknown

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