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SuSE loading PAM?

I am not sure if anyone else out there has seen this, and if I am missing something please let me know...

I am writting a pam module and it works fine, does simple logging of login attempts etc. The problem with this is it only seems to load if I use the /etc/pam.d/gdm file to load it.

From what I understand about PAM the /etc/pam.d/login file should be the one to load the module to log authentication attempts correct?

Second question, as I am writting this I attempt to get the current owner of the process and it is coming up as UID & EUID as 3? Is this a system user? I could not google up anything on this behavior.

My third question is if PAM is not running as the root user is there an existing module that will switch to the root user on the fly in order to run some authentication commands before returning to the normal user? Any help is appreciated...


Jason Gerfen

"...Sometimes I just yell at myself. And it
makes me sad, sometimes I make myself cry..."
			~ My nephew Dawsyn

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