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Problems in using PAM-TACACS+ with login & sshd

I am using Linux-PAM-0.77 with pam_tacplus-1.2.9 packages.

With login program, even though the user is authenticated from TACACS+ server, the login program looks in the local passwd and shadow files for the user record. With creating a local account of the user, PAM-TACACS+ cannot be used with login.

Similarly, sshd program looks for access permissions for the user being logged in even before the user is authenticated. This too requires a local account to exist for the user.

What is the solution of this problem. If I want to authenticate the users through TACACS+ server without creating their local accounts, what should be done for that?

There is a problem with session mgmt too. The start of a session is logged at the TACACS+ server but the end of session is not logged. What can be the reason for this?


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