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Re: Problem with firewall?

> Ldapsearch works fine through port 389, but through 636 - 'ldap_bind: 
> Can't contact ldap server.'
> On my test servers situation is the same - ldapsearch on linux can't 
> bind to windows port 636, but authentication of imap in AD nevertheless 
> works there.

If I remember correctly, what you can do on a AD server depends on how you 
authenticate. Without SSL, most (read : all that are usefull) operations 
are read-only. The usercomments from the PHP ldap_connect() manual provide 
usefull comments.

See http://nl.php.net/manual/en/function.ldap-connect.php

> > in the past, i have had problems with the certificates being not 
> > installed on the client-machine (your imap-server)
> Windows server dosn't require client authentication, so there's no need 
> in certificate on linux server. And I don't use TLS, but SSL.

You need the certs if you need to use SSL.



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