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Re: Problem writing module

Look in the log files on your system and you might get some good debugging information if the module has a logging function coded into it already. If you need an easy to use logging function for your module look in the source for the Linux-PAM package's other modules.

Thiago Silva wrote:

Hello all.
I'm currently developing a module for PAM and having some difficulties.
First, the module is linked with the NSS lib (from mozilla). Trying it on login, wverything runs well, pam_sm_authenticate() returns PAM_SUCCESS, and there comes the problem. The login locks for some time, and then, prints a message of time out, showing the login prompt again. I have no idea why is this happening. I've tried to substitude the module's code for the pam_permit.c code, wich gave me another error: "Login incorrect" (the pam_sm_authenticate wasn't called and I assume that was because the little code was linked to the NSS lib and something went wrong when loading the module)...Does anyone know this behaviour or can help me debugging?? I have no idea how to debug the login...

Also, I did a little program that uses this module, and, pam_authenticate() returns PAM_SUCCESS, and then, the shell is available again. So, nothing strange here. Only when using it with login.

Thanks in advance

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