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Re: how does pam_putenv() work?

Thanks for the tips-off, Martin. I got it work now after setting 
up the right config data. The problem I'm having now is that 
SSHD would actually try to see if the user really exists or not by 
following the search order specified in /etc/nsswitch.conf even before 
the authentication. So if the user doesn't exist in either file 
(/etc/passwd), ldap, nisplus or db, ...etc., it won't allow the 
log-in even when PAM says yes. I need to resolve this however I think 
this has nothing to do with PAM....



On Thu, 2005-06-30 at 12:47, Martin wrote:
> > > 	I'm still fairly new to the PAM world. I'm writing a pam 
> > > module now and tried to set up some environment variables for SSHD 
> > > by calling pam_putenv() inside the pam_sm_authenticate() call however 
> > > it never works. After the user is logged in through SSH, "env" 
> > > command never showed those variables I intended to set. The sshd file 
> > > under /etc/pam.d looks like this,
> <snip>
> > > but didn't find anything reltaed to this issue. I also tried to move 
> > > the pam_putenv() call into pam_sm_setcred() but it didn't work 
> > > either. Am I missing something here?
> Have you tried this module with services other than sshd?  OpenSSHD's
> interaction with PAM is a little strange at times and it also has some
> security controls related to environments.  If it works with other
> services then have a look at sshd_config, particularly the values of
> PermitUserEnvironment and UsePAM.
> Cheers,
>  - Martin
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