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Re: Segfault in pam_unix module (patch attached)

On Mon, Jul 25, Kelledin wrote:

> pam_unix from Linux-PAM-0.80 can segfault if compiled with -O2--most 
> notably if a user wants to change his password and enters the wrong one 
> in the preliminary check.  This is apparently due to a missing check in 
> modules/pam_unix/support.c; this segfaults at -O2 simply because the 
> compiler doesn't initialize variables by default, and 
> _unix_verify_password() assumes that a pointer will be NULL if 
> pam_get_data() fails.  The attached patch is one way to fix the problem.
> Though I must ask, how much testing do the PAM modules get at -O2?  This 
> could be just one latent bug of many, and that makes me edgy...

This has nothing to do with -O2 or not. That it only happens for you
with -O2 is pure luck (or missing of them). The compiler does not
initialize the variable without -O2 neither.

The only bug is, that the return value of pam_get_data is ignored.


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